Step Up Dance Academy was a vision of Arpita Randive, with a view of providing quality dance education and training with high class professional infrastructure at affordable prices in Mumbai.


Yoga helps us to enhance the working of the body in a better manner and helps us to create a better living and relief in the depression.Workouts are with music and fun, it reduces our body fat very fast.


Core power yoga – Core power yoga is effective in burning excess of fat from our body, and keeps us fit. I also include meditation. It helps connect to your soul. There are two types of meditation

It’s All About Passion!

Add a splash of fun and excitement on your way to being fit by joining the different fitness courses that Saad Studio offers! Getting fit doesn’t have to be gruelling and lonesome here at Saad Studio. 

Through these different activities, you can engage with other people with the same goal as you to make you feel more welcome and confident! Here are some of the courses that you can sign up for here at Saad Studio so you can improve your fitness:

Aerobic exercises

Aerobics are also known as cardiovascular activities or simply cardio. These exercises help get your blood pumping by doing different activities that require you to work on your major muscle groups. 

Getting your blood pumping through your whole body is important as this helps your heart and lungs be at their best state and function properly. It also helps to distribute the flow of oxygen to the entire body properly. Other health benefits of aerobics include:

  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Lowers risk of heart diseases
  • Increases good cholesterol
  • Reduces asthma symptoms
  • Assists in weight loss/management
  • Promotes better sleep

It is recommended that people should have at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise in a week. Don’t worry though, because aerobics can be as simple as walking, running, climbing up and down the stairs, and other everyday activities. 

Aerobic dances

Saad Studio combines aerobic exercises with dancing in order to make it more fun and exciting for people trying to lose weight and stay healthy. You don’t even have to be a good dancer, just join in and have some fun! 

Latin dance fitness

For those who have a limited amount of time but want to burn their calories, Latin Dance Fitness is perfect for you. Each session lasts for about 16 to 30 minutes depending on the instructor. The steps involved in this dance are simple enough for anyone to follow while also being efficient in getting the heart pumping. 

Masala Bhangra

Masala Bhangra is a local Indian dance that originated in Punjabi. This kind of dance mixes in fun and stylish steps in the routine which is beloved by many participants. To this day, this dance is the cultural dance of Punjabi and you can often see it being performed during festivals as well.

Belly dancing

Heading on over to one of the more exotic dances, Belly Dancing integrates beautiful torso movements within their dance steps. The main focus of this dance is on the belly as it receives the most exercise and requires the most movements. Aside from being good for the tummy it also helps boost confidence and improve fitness levels.

Ballroom dancing

People who are looking to engage in a less strenuous dance can find ballroom dancing perfect for them. But don’t think that because it requires less intensity it would also lack some benefits because it doesn’t! This type of dance is great for the bones and for toning your muscles. One thing to remember is that you would need a partner to participate in this dance so go ahead and find a partner so you can start dancing!


Jazzercise is arguably the most fun dance to do in aerobics. This dance pretty much works on anyone who wants to try and it packs a lot of benefits too. It helps reduce various heart diseases, it works out all the muscles of the body and most importantly it makes you happy!


Find your inner core by practising your whole body through Yoga. This ancient Indian technique is an exercise for the mind and body as it helps improve your physical and mental health. 

Yoga combines proper breathing techniques with movement and meditation. It also helps promote flexibility, calmness, endurance and strength through its different poses and breathing techniques. Here are some of the most basic yoga poses and their benefits:

Mountain pose

The mountain pose is your foundation or so-called blueprint for other poses. If you’re not able to do this properly, you won’t be able to do the other basic and more complicated poses. This form might look like you’re just standing up but what it does is that it helps you find your balance and puts you in the moment.

Chair pose

After you have mastered the mountain pose, you can then move on to the chair pose. Once you feel the burning sensations in your muscles that means it’s starting to work. This form helps you strengthen your upper back, shoulders and legs.

Down Dog on a chair

For this pose, you need to bring in a chair for you to lean forward on. To successfully execute the Down Dog on a chair pose, you would have to need a firm balance so you can successfully place your hands back of the chair while creating a 90-degree angle with your body. 

Downward-facing dog

Just as the name suggests, this pose has you going down on all fours with your hips backed up and your hands forward until you form a triangular shape with your body. It may not seem like it but this pose gives you a sense of calmness because of the placement of your head below your heart.

Warrior II 

The warrior II pose may be a huge step up from the basic poses but it’s worth executing. As you start to last minutes in this pose, it helps you increase your stamina. It also strengthens your legs and ankles while offering a calming feeling to the mind. 

Yoga is one of the best and natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety. But aside from that, here are some of the best benefits that come with it:

  • Improves heart health
  • Helps fight depression
  • Promotes better well being
  • Relieves back pain
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Improves balance
  • Provides better energy


Dance your health problems away through the various dances of Zumba! This fitness activity incorporates Latin and international music into different forms of dance. It’s a good way to improve cardiovascular health as it is divided into routines and intervals.

Zumba promotes fun with its exercises which makes it easier and more accessible for people, especially the elderly, to engage in it. Some of the dances in this activity include:


Chacha is a Cuban dance that is a slowed-down version of Mambo. It is accompanied by Latin music and its steps contain elements such as personality, rhythm, character and charm. 

People of all ages are welcome to enjoy chacha and its several benefits. It serves as a great cardio workout as well as a social experience as it lets people mingle and dance with each other. 


One of the best choices for a fun and calorie-burning dance is Samba. This is considered one of the most high-spirited types of dance because of its enthusiastic steps that are commonly associated with colourful and vibrant clothing. 

Because of its lively nature introduced by Brazil, Samba will greatly improve your energy levels as well as your stamina and heart health.


Another dance originating in Latin, the Merengue provides different benefits for the whole body. The dance’s pacing which switches between quick and slow movements allows your heart to get the cardio exercise that it needs.

Although the steps used in Merengue are relatively small, it is a massive calorie burner when it is done for extended periods. Elderly people can also enjoy the benefit of relieving joint and muscle pain.


Hip-hop dances are an all-time favourite for kids because of the cool and hip movements that it has to offer. One of the best things that it does for kids is that it helps them develop confidence at a young age.

Although it’s a favourite among the younger audience, people of all ages are still welcome to enjoy this dance. Other benefits of it include increased flexibility, body coordination and muscle development. 


Also known as the harvest dance, Bhangra is another Indian cultural dance that became an aerobics workout. Throughout the years, this dance saw a lot of evolution by incorporating some other styles such as hip-hop and techno, but the benefits that it gives stayed the same.

This aerobic workout greatly aids in weight loss and in preventing various heart-related diseases such as stroke and heart attack. 

The great thing about these dances is that it feels like you’re at a party rather than working out which makes you enjoy the routine and forget that you’re exercising. It also helps people to alleviate stress and anxiety because their mind will tend to be focused on the music being played and the dance steps rather than their problems. 

Other than the common benefits of aerobic exercises, some of the health benefits of engaging in Zumba include improved heart health, better mental health and overall improved body coordination.